Spiritual Gangsta

     I have always been one that struggled with religion. Going through every single thing that I have been through in my life, I could never understand how “a loving god” could do bad things to good people so they can receive a lesson. This logic has never made any sense to me. Luckily my mom was the kind of parent that took me to several different churches and allowed me to explore who I was and what I wanted to become. Looking at all cultures and religions has shown me that it’s a lot of things that I can instill in my day to day life but that doesn’t mean a book is needed to help guide me through life.

     Being spiritual has a different meaning depending on who you ask.It can mean the person doesn’t go to church or believe in organized religion but they believe in god or it could mean they believe in something. Well I fall on the believe in something end of the spectrum. I am not sure there is a god but I believe in something and figuring out what that is is definitely a part of my journey to self discovery. Researching things has always caused me to ask questions and right now I am more interested in learning about how my African ancestors operated before Christianity was forced upon them.

     I can burn sage, pray, meditate, rub on some crystals, and visit a metaphysical store all in the same day that doesn’t define who I am as a person. What defines me is how I treat others. How I will leave this earth knowing that at the end of the day I did good and I was good to people, maybe to a fault but it’s not on me to be held responsible for how people treat me I will leave that to Karma.