Say What?!

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     I have been on a journey of self since April of 2017. I went from being a wife to being single. Here’s a little history. I met my wasband in 2005. I was a young 21 years old and he was 24. He was nervous, didn’t even want to approach me but by the end of the night he gave me his number, I called and that was all she wrote. Fast Forward, 12 years later after our 10 year anniversary, he left. His exact words were I need some space. I decided I was going to fight because there were plenty of times that I needed space from him but I fought for what our marriage meant to me.

     He came home one day and admitted that he had an affair. It started off emotional and then led to a sexual one and I  was still willing to fight. That woman couldn’t beat me and the 12 years I put in. She didn’t know him the way I knew him. Well after 3 months of him going back and forth and me being cast away as the side bitch. I left. I walked away because eventually I woke up and knew that I deserved more than what I was being given. I owed myself more than what I am allowing to take place. This led me on the journey that I am on now. I have come to some hard realizations. Last year I chose a word for myself and the word was growth. 2017 definitely put me in situations where I had to grow.

     I am definitely ready to continue on the journey that has been placed in front of me and as I explore more of myself and who I am as a woman I am hoping that you will follow me on this lovely journey of awakening and discovery.

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  1. You’re an amazing lady. Your transparency is appreciated. Someone is going to read this and realize they’re not alone in this and draw courage from it to love themselves more than to tolerate the situation they’re in.

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