Sexuality, take YOURS back!

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     Talking about sexuality has always been taboo for women. If you sleep with too many people you’re a whore, if you haven’t slept with enough you’re inexperienced and no one wants to have to “teach” a person how to have sex. My sexuality is my business but what people need to understand is that everyone’s bodies are different. There is a learning curve to every one that you decide to lay with. You can’t go into the next relationship thinking that you can satisfy every person the same because you can’t.

     It’s a lot of things that are enjoyable to me in the bedroom and I was definitely afraid to admit this to the people that I was intimate with without of fear of being judged. Now that I am discovering who I am; making sure that I am vocal in what I require sexually has been very important to me.  I am also exploring my kinks. I have a lot of them and now I want to act them out. When you’re with one person for so long you lose yourself, especially if you never found yourself. Well I am taking this time to get to know me intimately, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

     I have decided that I am taking charge of my life and I am living life with no regrets. Living a life where I can be happy is truly important and learning what makes me happy in and out of the bedroom is a big part of that. I challenge everyone to talk to the person you’re intimate with and put it on the table. What you like and what you don’t like especially before you get married. Don’t live a life without satisfaction, it’s no fun.

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